Organisations using Agility can potentially save tens of thousands of pounds every year, often Agility begins to pay for itself from day one.

Example cost saving scenario:

  1. A member of staff is filing 100 documents per week, whilst retrieving another 50 documents.
  2. Each of these actions takes on average 3 minutes to complete, equating to 7.5 hours per week. Time that is saved with Agility.
  3. Assuming 6 members of staff in an organisation are completing the above tasks on a weekly basis, this equates to 45 staff hours per week, or a staggering 2,340 hours per year!!!
  4. Based on the UK average salary of £27,172, the document management operations included in this example would cost the organisation £31,136 EVERY YEAR!
  5. Implementing Agility for a team of 6 would cost an organisation £1,800 per year, resulting in a huge saving of over £30,000 annually.

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