You asked, we listened…
Introducing Agility scan, store and
retrieval software

Are you fed up with long winded searches for documents?

Are you tired of endless document filing that takes up hours of your staff time?

Are you sick of working through stacks of paperwork?

Are you finding off site document storage solutions costly and inconvenient?

Agility has been developed in line with real customer feedback. Our vision is to provide convenient, time effective and cost friendly document management for all. Agility offers an alternative to outdated, time consuming and costly document storage, search and retrieval solutions.

About Agility


How Agility Software works

Agility offers organisations a simple, secure, and easy to use solution that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, to scan, store and retrieve documents.

Step 1

Agility allows you to upload documents to our secure cloud-based system in one easy step, transferring documents directly from your office into Agility, ready to be viewed and searched.

This cuts out hours of unnecessary admin time every month, streamlining your processes and allowing your team to focus on other tasks and saving you £££s.

Step 2

Login to Agility from anywhere that you have a internet connection. Once logged in you are able to search and retrieve all your documents.


Agility has a refined search functionality that has been developed to allow you to search for text within a document, rather than simply searching for the document name only as many document storage systems do. Our bespoke search shaves hours off all your organisations document retrieval tasks and offers an optimal user experience.

Step 3

Agility stores all of your documents securely, ensuring they that are fully backed up and compliant with all necessary document storage regulations.

Why Agility Software

Save Staff Time

Save £1000’s

Access Anywhere

Secure Storage

Instant Back-ups

Fast Online Search

Data Destruction

Simple, transparent pricing

Agility offers simple user-based pricing for your organisations storage requirements.

Agility Pro

£25 per month
  • Up to 1,000 uploads per month
  • Single user

Agility Premium

£45 per month
  • Up to 5,000 uploads per month
  • Single user

Agility Platinum

£85 per month
  • Up to 10,000 uploads per month
  • Single user
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