Why Agility

Features of Agility

Is locating and retrieving documents time consuming?

Agility allows you to search document content and titles, to give you a list of relevant search results in an instant with the added benefit of being able to access documents anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Is off site storage time consuming and expensive?

Organisations waste 100s of hours in staff time and £££s in expenses each year using off site storage for documents. Agility removes the need for off site storage solutions, saving you both time and money.

Do you require protection from accidents and natural disasters?

Agility offers your business protection should the worst happen, whether that be a fire, flood or natural disaster. Agility allows you to be safe in the knowledge that your documents are stored securely online and are fully backed up.

Savings Calculator

Save Staff Time

Agility can save businesses 100s if not 1,000s of hours in staff time every year, imagine all of the additional tasks your team could complete with all of this extra time.

Save £1,000s

By saving a vast amount of hours in staff time, your organisation will become more productive and ultimately Agility will save you £1,000’s.

Access Anywhere

Agility offers a flexible and accessible document search and retrieval system that allows you to access your organisation’s documents anywhere and anytime

Secure Storage

All documents uploaded to Agility are securely stored on our servers provided by Amazon Web Services and Agility is fully compliant with document storage regulations.

Instant Back-ups

Agility allows all documents to be instantly backed up from the point of document upload, ensuring your documents are always safely stored should the worst happen.

Fast Online Search

Agility’s online search is fast and easy to use. Agility’s search feature was developed to facilitate full document searching rather than a title search which is synonymous with most other document management systems.

Data Destruction

With Agility all uploaded documents are encrypted and digitally stored. If desired, you can destroy the original paper document, therefore eliminating the need for costly off site storage and data destruction.

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